How do I earn VIP Reward points?

There are many ways to earn VIP Reward Points. From sharing on social media to buying tickets to attend a Tasmanian race day during Summer. View all the ways to earn VIP Reward Points on the Earn points page!

What can I spend my reward points on?

Spend your VIP Reward Points in the Redemption Zone. It is chock full of products, vouchers and even the opportunity to win a $7,000 Luxury Tassie Weekend Experience!

Do VIP Reward Points expire?

Yes. VIP Reward Points will expire on 28 February 2022 and are non-refundable for products or cash after this date.

Am I eligible to earn VIP Reward Points?

All Australian residents over the age of 18 are eligible to earn and redeem VIP Reward Points. Please view the VIP Rewards terms and conditions here.

How to win the major prize

You must register for VIP Rewards to be eligible to redeem entries in the draw for a $7,000 Luxury Tassie Weekend Experience. Entries into the competition can be purchased from the Redemption Zone at a value of 1 entry per VIP Reward Point or in a discount 12 entries for 10 VIP Reward Points. South Australian and ACT residents are not eligible to win the $7,000 Luxury Tassie Holiday Competition. Please view the $7,000 Luxury Tassie Weekend Experience Competition terms and conditions here.